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  • Custom Tables

    We, the Beer Pong discount store are one of the few online retailers that offer a customizable beer pong table. To get started just upload the image and we'll get the table out to you right away. Did you want to paint your table or cover it in stickers? We are also have inventory & one of the few carriers to offer blank beer pong tables.

  • Got Pong?

    Call it Beirut or call it Beer Pong - it doesn't matter to us. Why struggle with a kitchen table, or garbage cans, or a piece of plywood. We sell portable beer pong tables 8-foot or 6-foot, and shipping is always free! Don't buy inferior products, our tables have built in bottle openers, ball holders and collapse into a briefcase. Built for the amateur or the serious player - we got the product for you. Design your own table or select from one of our popular designs.


    Thanks for the kickass table Beer Pong Discount Outlet! - Mike, NJ

    Simply the best. This product makes the other tables look like kiddy toys. - Kristina, CA

    I'll be back again! The custom table you created for my fraternity blew away my friends - Jen, SC